Water damage is a most dreaded problem. When caused by floods the damage is not only extensive, it is one of the few situations not covered by insurance. Water damage from burst pipes, faulty plumbing, washing machines, leaky roofs or storm damage usually is covered by insurance claims, but it must also be treated promptly lest it give rise to further problems.


Mould and odour are serious issues in damp areas. A wet carpet cannot simply be left to dry on its own accord. The carpet underlay will tend to hold moisture and develop mould, giving rise to serious health problems. This usually needs replacing. Wooden or concrete floors also need to be properly dried before carpets can be returned. The carpet itself can often be retained providing that it receives treatment straight away.


Clean Your Carpet will inspect water damaged areas using a moisture meter, and lifting carpet if required. In some cases high power vacuum extraction is sufficient for removing water. In other cases carpet removal, floor treatment and underlay replacement is required.


In the case of serious damage a single room will take between 24 -72 hours to completely dry. Carpets will need stain prevention/removal treatment, and dehumidifiers will need to be deployed.


Clean your Carpet specializes in treating water damage, Central Coast residents should have any carpet treated as soon as water damage occurs. With correct treatment all underlay can be replaced and carpet can be retained.


Where black (polluted) water damage or sewage is involved all carpet must be completely replaced. Australian standards and health concerns do not allow for black water or sewage affected surfaces to be retained.