Pet and Clean Houses

Pets are part of the family. But where other family members grow older and hopefully learn to clean up after themselves any pets tend to change little over time. Some techniques are useful for looking after small animals in the home.


Hair shedding

All pets will shed some hair, though this will vary with the season and the individual animal. Regular brushing will mean there is far less hair left on carpets and furniture. And many pets tend to enjoy being brushed. Hair that does end up around the house can often be removed with a rubber glove. Else, there are sticky roller devices and specialized vacuums that perform the job well.  There are also some products that let you vacuum the pet itself.



All mammals shed some skin cells, including humans. Termed dander (think flaky dandruff) this if often the man component in household dust. If you suspect you pet cat or dog is shedding a lot of skin, or if their skin looks too dry, talk to a vet. Often the solution is as simple as adding some fish oil to the daily food.


Pet smells.

This can be all but removed with bicarbonate of soda on carpets. Sprinkle the bi-carb, on the carpet and leave overnight. Vacuum the carpet the next day. And wash all pet bedding at least once a week, completely separated from any other household materials.


Litter trays

Cats will use litter trays if they are available, but only if the trays are reasonably clean. The cat will usually not reuse the litter tray until it has been emptied. Unpleasant as this is a clean litter tray means the cat is far less likely to relieve itself somewhere else in the house.

If insects are an issue with litter trays use some plants that deter these creatures. Google to find the type of plant that deters insects in your house.


Food bowls

Ants are an issue with some pet’s food. A bowl that has a built in water rim will prevent crawling insects getting into the food. This prevents is being tracked into the house.


Air purifier.

This is a sizable investment, but it is healthy at many levels. An air purifier will get rid on animal odours, while also reducing allergens and toxins in the home. We recommend trying one of these in every household.

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