Look After A Stored Mattress.


If a mattress has been in storage for an extended period of time it will probably smell musty. It might also have more serious problems, such a mould or mildew. All these things must be appropriately dealt with.


Mould or Mildrew.

  • Any mould and mildew on the surface can often be removed with bright sunlight. This may take several days. A UV light source is also effective on mould and mildew.
  • After it has been in the Sun, vacuum the mattress while it is still outside. Dispose of the vacuum bag afterwards lest the spores form the mould continue to breed.
  • Make a solution that is equal parts isopropyl alcohol and warm water and sponge the mattress.
  • Use a disinfectant on the mattress.

These are only effective if the mould is on the surface of the mattress. A mattress is basically ruined if the mould gets inside; the item should be disposed of. Do not try to find a use for a mouldy mattress as the health issues are not worth the price of a replacement.


Musty Mattress

  • A musty mattress will need to be aired outdoors. Sunny weather is preferable; give it several days repeated exposure if possible.
  • Sponge the mattress with a solution of tea tree oil diluted in a bucket of warm water. Let this dry and air out for at least another day.
  • Cover the mattress with Bicarbonate of Soda and leave it for several days. Then vacuum it completely.
  • The smell should now be gone. The mattress can now be used. Try using some herbal sachets, scented wood, potpourri or something similar under the mattress to give a pleasant smell. Sue something appropriate for a good night’s sleep. Never spray scents or perfume directly on the mattress surface as this will eventually cause poor odours.
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