Apart from a few eccentric and creative types nobody really likes clutter. And even those people would probably like to find a way to make things a little neater without compromising their eccentricities. For the rest of us any de-cluttering is probably held back by time constraints or plain human procrastination. Yet if we make the effort the results are very satisfying.


Do some preparing – this both ensures that you have the right equipment and tends to provide some much needed motivation. Draw up a schedule, and list individual rooms and task, each of which can be finished within a certain time frame. When you have one room or major task finished it helps to motivate you with the rest of the tasks – you can see how effective the results are.


Time is an issue, and probably the biggest frustration. Nothing is more disheartening than undertaking several hours of work without seeing any end in sight.  Of course, just concentrating on the one task or room will help you get some substantial results. Another approach is to list several 10 minute tasks, and do a few each day. The results add up, as does the sense of achievement.


De-cluttering is not cleaning, though the two are connected. De-cluttering is organizing things into a neat system- arranging space into a place we want to live. Once this is done, cleaning becomes a little easier.


Plan to de-clutter your home in stages. And then top it off with a professional carpet clean, the icing on the cake. This can help you work towards a schedule. You have to finish before the cleaners arrive.

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