Décor and colour are intuitive. This doesn’t mean that the choices for decorating are easy; it does mean that when you do find the result you are happy with it just feel or look right. Our minds are wired to appreciate patterns and coordinated colours. There are many approaches to finding which combinations work well and which combinations don’t work at all. But is the end the result should simply be pleasing. Theories suggest many options, but we should never be limited by this. There is always more than one possibility for any room.


1 – Look at the room you are to decorate.

Dining room, Lounge room, sleeping room, children’s room, hallway

2 – Ask yourself, who uses this room the most?

Adults, students, Babies, school age children, formal diners.

3 – How is the light in the room?

Bright and tropical/Mixed light and shadows/ suited to candles/dark and moody

4 – Always consider budget

Carpet is a long term investment. It’s worth spending money on something that lasts.

5- What sort of texture do you like?

Look at samples, but more importantly, go by how the sample feels.

6 – How thick do you like the carpet?

This is not so much density as it is the length of the shag. Again, go by feel.

7 – Look at the colours you like.


Carpet is perhaps the most permanent aspect in any room. Walls can be repainted a different colour; lighting can be redone; furniture can be changed; but while carpets can be replaced they do tend to stay for many years. It is best to choose the carpet according to the look you want, and then rearrange the rest of the room to suit the carpet.

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