Change Your Living Room Space


Home makeover Programmes have inspired more than a few couples to do some renovations, or at least make some changes that don’t require as much effort as real renovations. Not to worry; a room can look entirely different will a few well thought out modifications that may only take an afternoon to complete.

A Rug

Possibly the most simple change imaginable.  A rug is most popular on a plain floor, particularity hardwood or bamboo. But it can work on any surface.

A multi-coloured rug can make a plain room look complex and warm. A single coloured rug can suit a room full of details and fine decorations. And there’s no reason not to use different rugs in different seasons.

Make sure there are no safety issues with the rug moving.


This can offer two changes in one- opening and closing the blinds will make the room look quite different.  The trick is to get the right design and colour; the actual installation may only take an afternoon. Bold colours can work well in a plain room. Framing the blinds with a darker version of the same colour can also work well. Consider blinds and carpets of the same colour; this can suit light coloured walls.


Another quick change. You will need some stylistic consistence, by this allows a great deal of variation. Try identical cushions in different colours; or matching colours on cushions of different sizes. Else, match the cushions with something else in the room.


This looks good and helps purify the air. Plants suit almost any room. They will need water and sunshine, but otherwise require little upkeep. Find some pots that suit the décor.

Many changes are easy to implement. It’s making the right decisions that matters. This is one situation where we are allowed to daydream. Let you mind entertain every possible idea, and go with the one that looks right.

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