Apart from a few eccentric and creative types nobody really likes clutter. And even those people would probably like to find a way to make things a little neater without compromising their eccentricities. For the rest of us any de-cluttering is probably held back by time constraints or plain human procrastination. Yet if we make […]

Pet and Clean Houses

Pets are part of the family. But where other family members grow older and hopefully learn to clean up after themselves any pets tend to change little over time. Some techniques are useful for looking after small animals in the home.   Hair shedding All pets will shed some hair, though this will vary with […]

Look After A Stored Mattress.

If a mattress has been in storage for an extended period of time it will probably smell musty. It might also have more serious problems, such a mould or mildew. All these things must be appropriately dealt with.   Mould or Mildrew. Any mould and mildew on the surface can often be removed with bright […]