Some Simple Stain Mistakes

Clean stains ASAP Cleaning any spills as soon as possible is vital if you want to avoid staining on you carpet. Occasionally an old stain will come out with some effort, but you have a much better chance of success if you get to the problem straight away.   Spilled substances can be corrosive to […]

Some Carpet Cleaning Terms

A few technical terms are used for evaluating carpet cleaning products.   Soil Removal Efficacy How well does a product remove soil. Certainly one of the most important criteria for cleaning.   Water Removal This refers to wet cleaning products, and how well residual moisture is removed. Tests for this are straightforward when conducted on […]


We realize that carpets are exposed to the dirt we track in and settling dust. We tend to overlook mould, pollen, pesticides, general pollution, dust mites, and possible issues with pets. We also tend to overlook the chemicals used in the manufacturing of virtually all carpets. Many allergies and unexplained illnesses are tracked back to […]


Décor and colour are intuitive. This doesn’t mean that the choices for decorating are easy; it does mean that when you do find the result you are happy with it just feel or look right. Our minds are wired to appreciate patterns and coordinated colours. There are many approaches to finding which combinations work well […]