Change Your Living Room Space

Home makeover Programmes have inspired more than a few couples to do some renovations, or at least make some changes that don’t require as much effort as real renovations. Not to worry; a room can look entirely different will a few well thought out modifications that may only take an afternoon to complete. A Rug […]

Stain Treatments for Carpets, Part 2.

Scotchguard The classic stain proofing for many years, and its good reputation was justified. Scotchguard is a soil retardant applied to the surface of the carpet fibre. It prevents most stains from entering the carpet, making them much easier to clean.   Because Scotchguard is non-penetrative it will have to be periodically reapplied. It is […]

Stain Treatments for Carpets, Part 1

Manufacturers and third party companies have been offering anti-stain carpet treatments for many years. These are applied topically to the fibres of the carpet, ostensibly to prevent dirt, grease and liquids from soaking into the core of the fabric. As with most advertising the benefits of these products are largely exaggerated; and their effectiveness wears […]