When choosing a carpet, ask yourself the following questions: Will there be light or heavy traffic? Can the room be accessed from the outside; will people’s shoes be tracking in dirt? Will spills and stains be an occasional or common issue? Will there be Sunlight on the carpet, possibly causing it to fade? If […]


I was told that carpets give off gas for many years after being installed. Most gas is gone after a day or two. Once the ‘new carpet smell’ has gone the carpet has lost most of the gas. The gas is formaldehyde, which is harmful with long term exposure. But carpet is less of an […]


There are many types of carpet fibre available. Some older types of fibre from the past have fallen out of use, having been superceeded by better materials in the 20th century. The various carpet fibres available today stay in production because they all have their relative weaknesses and strengths.   Nylon: This is a general […]